Sprint training can help you move from being a slow, stumbling athlete to a faster, explosive one. Have you ever thought how much you would benefit from being able to run faster? For years I would show up and play sports requiring explosive effort. I was frustrated with not being as fast as my friends and classmates. I’d trail behind them if we ran a 40 yard sprint. I couldn’t catch up to balls I should have returned for winners in tennis. Finally, I decided I wanted to win – that I wanted to run faster.

But, I didn’t have a plan. I’d try sprint repetitions. I’d Google “how to run faster”. I’d rest 5 minutes between sets, 1 minute, 30 seconds. I’d try running 40s, 100s, or 400s. People had ladder drills, tire drills and other football exercises. I remembered some old stretches from my junior high track team. I remembered something about being towed behind a car to increase stride length – fortunately I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to help me with that, or I might really have hurt myself.

Then, I read about a world class coach who was offering a program on how to run faster.


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I used to read about how Marty Liquori, one of his distance runners, used to be faster than many sprinters. His sprint training program had been part of helping to produce 145 All-Americans and 12 World records. You’d better believe he knows all there is to know about getting faster.

You might remember the book and movie “Invincible” about the bartender from Philly who took part in an open tryout for the Eagles, and made it as a special teams player. He was played by Mark Wahlberg in the movie, but in real life, Vince Papale says that “”When I was in junior high [Coach] taught me how to run. He was so far ahead … in terms of training and technique. Under his guidance we were champions.”

His program includes everything you’ll need to know about sprint training. Everyone can experience the thrill of running faster, with all of the joy it brings. You’ll learn how to generate an explosive start, and carry it through a rhythmical, momentum filled finish. There’s an exact program, focused on speed training to make you faster and quicker.

You’ll gain an edge from the clear instruction and illustration and an easy to understand format. If you follow the program, you’ll be injury free, you, your child or your team will be running faster, and your athletic performance will be better.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to explore this program on how to run faster? Bring out the champion inside of you, and   buy Coach Marty Stern’s Ebook on Learning How to Run Faster for immediate results.


20.July, 2010

It’s been a long time since I posted.  Good news is, I’m considerably faster.  Bad news is, I moved from my beloved Miami.  The Pods folks did a great job with that.  More to come, especially on the new tracks I’m running on in the North East

Faster 40

27.March, 2010

Six months later – two tenths off the 40 time.  More to come…


30.January, 2010

How’s the spring training going?  Post in the comments, and let us know how your indoor track sprinting is going.

Hello world

23.May, 2009

The first of the new posts. Looking forward to talking with everyone about sprint training.

Where have I been

22.June, 2007

Lots of training lately.  More posts to follow on the quest for speed.